Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Fall

Just where has the time gone..It is almost winter, and i do hate winter… My baby boy will be 29 next week, poor boy is not impressed, he doesn’t want to get older..but what can one do… he is so hard to buy a gift for… so i just get him a gift certificate, so he has buy just what he wants…  How do you like the new picture on the blog heading, Lynne R put a lovely picture on hers, and i was impressed, so i went looking to figure out how to do it… not quite what i wanted for the font, but i do like Jesse’s picture… thought i might change it every month..just for variety..

Finally finished the “Swallow tail shawl, and got it blocked.. pictures aren’t that great, but i really am happy with the shawl… will try for more pictures, maybe outside on the next sunny day..IMG_0003_1  IMG_0005 I am really happy with the beads.. My Mom asked me the other day how many shawls i had made, so i sat down and thought about it… i have made 17 shawls… and still have a few more to go…. the alpaca one went up to Heather at Bowron Lake this week… her son was going up to visit so i sent it with him… hope he remembered to give it to her

 IMG_0010 Here is a picture of our lovely BROWN eggs..i love pullet eggs, had to lock up the biddies, as the dogs were hassling the ones who kept getting out..

Levi and I are doing great at agility… we are now in a class of advanced beginners… our instructor goes away to workshops, comes home and works the pants off us… this time it was all jumps and tunnels, with lots of twists and turns… I will need to get someone to take some pictures of Levi doing jumps or tunnels… he did really well this week… he is very stubborn, but when we connect he is very good… listens to me some of the time…i end up going over the course time and time again in my head after the class. 

The guild was very pleased with the show at the Art Gallery… we didn’t sell much, but we did get some very good comments in the Guest book…

The weather sure has been good… cool, and rainy, but very little frost, it could stay like this all winter… the river is up, and creek are filling up…we don’t have a water problem as we are on a aquifer..(which is actually an underground lake)..

Levi and i are walking every day now… i even run a bit…run a bit and walk a bit, trying to loose a bit more weight, and build up the breathing.. 

Larry is still playing with his motors..IMG_0056 this is the latest one he got… lucky for me he didn’t have to pay for it… a gift from a friend…it is also very rare… he is still checking out the internet, trying to find stuff about it…IMG_0015  Here is latest pics of Levi… IMG_0014 Larry has a habit of giving all the critters nicknames… Levi’s is “baboon”…

I have started on my next project… for me this time… a jacket done in the “feather and fan” pattern… drives me nuts… i keep making mistakes.. only one row of pattern in 4 rows, and i make mistakes… i keep putting YO’s into places where they don’t need to be… i think because i have done so many lace patterns, it is merino and silk in Glacial greenIMG_0017 it is coming along slowly..   well i had better go feed the dogs, and gather the eggs…. talk to ya soon………….. Sheila


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Louisa said...

The Swallowtail turned out lovely with the beads - even if pink is not my favourite colour. ;) I have no idea how many shawls I've made by now but I know it's not nearly as many as you!