Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring is on the way

Morning... what happened to winter... I was out early this morning... 10 am, and was checking the trees, and my currant bushes are starting to show green on the buds... Lilac buds are getting fat.. and it isn't even the middle of March, I hope the spring stays warm and we don't lose the blossoms on the apple, peach and cherry trees..
Haven't been feeling well this week... went up to play cards with Friends last Saturday, i couldn't even get thru the first hand with out making a dash to the bathroom... so that was the end of cards for that day, and i still don't feel 100 % this week... went to Guild meeting, and didn't even take anything to do.. which is a real first for me...  went to the Food bank the next day just to keep moving..was by myself and was rushed off my feet...havent' been sleeping, seem to wake up at 4:30 and then don't go back to sleep until 6.. just don't feel up to snuff...  Agility was good yesterday, and i love it so much, I forgot i was feeling crappy...Levi did really well, a few errors, but we both got some praise from the instructor...he is doing as well as the other dogs who have been doing it for 2 or 3 years...I know i have said that more than once, but i am proud of him..At the food bank on Thursdays we set up a big pot of coffee and some muffins, doughnuts and stuff for the clients.. they come in, have a visit and a cuppa and then move on... i get a good giggle out of some of them... I asked one fellow how he was, and he answered" SSDD",  I didn't have a clue what that meant, and he told me"  Same Shit, Different Day"...don't ya love it... anyway we were chatting away, and one other fellow says..."did you see what she did", I said no... he said "She walked off with the cream jug "  which was full of milk for their coffee.... can ya imagine.. really biting the hand that feeds ya..
We are changing our Satelliet system on Tuesday... Telus called me a few weeks back, and offered me a deal that i couldn't refuse... HD PVR (High definition Personal video recorder)"..and all the same channels for half the price i am paying he is coming on Tuesday..
Monday Morning... got company yesterday and forgot to finish this... been knitting on the current shawl, not bad, but no easy repeats so i have to watch where i am all the time... and count and recount... but it looks good so far.. a bit of snow this morning, just enough to make ya mad... it was so nice and dry... will try and do more blogging as my faithfully reader (youngest son) reminds me that i don't update often enough... thanks Matt..

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Silky said...

I'm sorry your not feeling up to well. I hope today is a better day and not another ssdd for you. That really cracked me up I want to remember it. Take Care