Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Retreat

Our Desert Mesa Spring Retreat is just around the corner.. Friday... i can hardly wait...a weekend just for me.. I never get one... yah right... Levi and I went to our first agility trial last weekend in Cloverdale.. We got down there Friday afternoon, as Denise had to run "PiP' on Friday night..Levi did well for his first trial.. he even "Q"ed.(ran the course with no mistakes, and with in the set time).  much to my surprise.. and came close to a second "Q"... but it was taking a "Country dog" to the City... lots of noise, and people and other dogs... but he did well... although it did take him some time to settle down. there were 12 of from Iron Mountain Agility there... and everyone did well and everyone "Q"ed, .We will be back in Cloverdale May 7th weekend..and i will do things a little different..I will take him out to the bleachers and get him used to the sights and sounds..on Friday nite..
I sure haven't been sleeping well lately... i wake up at about 3 am and then can't go back to sleep..old age i guess..
The weather was beautiful today... the sun was so nice and warm... i have to wash the truck tomorrow, it is so dirty...also have to make the carmel corn for the retreat...I had even forgotten to get a gift for the gift exchange.. don't know where my mind is these days... CRS... can't remember shit... and i am so tired... will write again after the retreat, and hopefully i will remember to take some pictures.... nite..

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