Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cold cold May

Hi... sorry i have been so long getting back to ya all... L and I headed off to Ohlalla Washington on Saturday last weekend, a quick trip... we took oldest son's pick up, as we were picking up JUNK...for his old motors and drag saws... by the time we got to Merritt (20 Minute drive), i was feeling car sick..I have driven Joe's truck before and never had a problem with it, but for some reason when Larry drives it, he over drives it...and we sway back and forth... and I can not handle that... so I drove from Merritt to the toll booth... but that was as far as i could go..and then he drove, and i put the seat back and slept... made it to Mom's and headed for bed, and stayed there till morning... how i hate getting car sick, and i have been doing it all my would think i would get over it by now..and it always takes me a day to get over it, so we talked youngest son into going with his Dad, and it was a good thing as they had a good time..Grandma gave them $$ for lunch as Larry wanted to go to "red Lobster"...which they did... they had laughs and travelled well together... I drove home and was fine...
Andrea and Sheila S and I went to one of the local schools on Wednesday,(one of our guild members is the Librarian there)... and showed off our spinning skills... we had a great time... and the kids were great, very friendly, polite, and very willing to learn... a couple of times we got overwhelmed as the classes changed, and there were 30 kids around 3 wheels, but we all had fun..
Levi and i were off to agility yesterday, and he is doing okay... he is not a speed demon, but i just want him to be calm and clean.. Karen and Gail, I will be down at Cloverdale again this coming weekend..for another trial, not sure if my friend will be there, as her little dog got into chocolate covered macadamia nuts, and plain macadamia nuts..and both are toxic to dogs...
I know it is time to change my picture but the tulips aren't open yet, and my batteries need charging, boy they sure don't last..
It is sure cold around here today... cold wind... there go my great plans for working on the garden and getting it ready for planting... only one of my 120 garlic bulbs came up... what a disappointment..will try again this fall..decided not to plant spuds as they go so mushy when cooked, over watered... unless i can talk L into making another bed for the spuds where they aren't close to the main garden, where they get sprinkled all the time...I am waiting on a whole box of tulips.. they are just about ready to bloom, they will probably bloom the weekend i am away...   I chopped off two of my rose bushes.. golden showers i think they were called... the shrub of yellow roses...they were getting very tall and spindly.. as i cut out the dead branches it really looked even worse... so we cut it all back... and then dug out the one by the deck that also was very ugly...Moved that one near the fence.. hopefully both will come back... my peach tree has blossoms.. hope it doesn't get too cold for it... as they are so good.. little and sweet..can't remember what they are is a self pollinating tree... Well better go and start thinking about supper... beef roast, roasted potatoes, and Yorkshire puddings and gravy and asparagus..

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Gail from Surrey said...

I plan to be there, this weekend, to cheer on you and Levi.