Friday, July 2, 2010

I forgot

Morning... i just remember I forgot something really important happened when I was in Lavington..I was sitting waiting for my turn to run, and a lady came up to me and asked me if I had noticed that she had been looking at my dog... I, of course, hadn't paid any attention to her as there are always people looking at first thought was that Levi was her dog and that she had lost him and she wanted him back... . I said no, she asked me how long i had owned him, again my radar perked up, I said i had him for a year and that his name was Levi, she dropped to her knees and threw her arms around her neck, and said "Levi, it is you"... apparently she had been his foster mom for 6 months when he had been at the SPCA in Vernon... he did recognize her, and her dog (apparently Levi and her pooch were best buds while he lived with her)... she said he had been the 'Dog from Hell'... no manners, he got on the counter, and the kitchen table... won't come when called, she said that she usually put her new foster dogs into kennels at night, she said he was like a cat, all 4 feet against the kennel, and that her and her hubby couldn't get him into the kennel, and that he was the original escape artist (which he still is, he finds a hole under the fence, we block it and he finds another one).. so Dee was another home that we didn't know that makes us his 5th home by the time he was 18 months old... we figure that we have been the longest home he has had in his short 2.5 was very interesting learning about her trials with him... he does have better manners these days... although he does love to love to sleep on the sofa... and he did get into the other dogs' feed the other night, and did he fart up a storm..he just can't handle any grains in his feed...   so of course he gets the most expensive feed in town....
Off to town to pay the property taxes today... and the water license..  have a great weekend......... S

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