Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch

And I do mean OUCH.... Sunday evening after supper, I was out feeding the dogs... I had just feed Mackie,(he lives in his kennel in the barn yard), and i was heading over to the chicken house to gather eggs and give them their evening scraps... Larry had put the sprinkler on the compost pile, and i was trying to get around it without getting soaked, and stepped into one of Mackie's holes(he digs them to sleep in), and down I went... with a crash..and OMG did i hurt...i just laid there and howled for Larry, who was in the shop, and of course he is as deaf as a post, so i hollered and howled until he finally heard me... and came to my rescue... I couldn't stand up, or actually i hadn't even tried to stand up, as i wasn't sure my ankle wasn't broken..first thing he did was go shut off the sprinkler as i was laying in the ooze from the compost pile, and then laugh at me as i was covered with chicken scraps which was potatoes salad..and mud.... I was sick to my stomach with pain.... and of course with my elephant weight he couldn't have lifted me up if he tried... by that time I decided it wasn't  broken, so i rolled over on to my knees and stood up, but i was in a 12 inch deep hole, now how do i get out of the hole... one way was to step up with my good foot and put all my weight on my sore foot, or step up with the sore foot, and put all my weight on it... i have no idea which foot i used to get out of Larry helped me hobble over to the house... I was just shaking with shock... I didn't go to emergency as the last time I was there, i was there for 4 hours for 4 stitches, and it was Sunday night... phone the family MD Monday morning and he was over booked for Monday, so got in there Tuesday morning, and he sent me for x rays, so it isn't broken, just badly sprained... i am fine walking on flat surfaces although it does hurt, but walking outside on uneven ground is very hard... and putting the foot on the floor first thing in the morning is un bearable..not too much pain today, but it is very tight with the swelling... so that takes care of my agility classes for a while... poor Levi, he will miss it..I am going to the food bank tomorrow as a lot of the volunteers are away on holidays... i will be fine as it is only two hours and i sit most of the time...better go and put it up...starting to throb a bit.... hope ya all are feeling sorry for me...I am really surprised that i didn't break it, especially at my age, but at my last bone density test, my Dr told me that i had the bone density of a 22 year old... my dad had good strong bones, he fell a lot the last year of his life, but didn't break a i guess i take after him....   S...


Toni said...

Oh Crap.
Sorry that happened to you. Use lots of ice and keep it elavated and get Larry to take over chores for a while!
Ice tea and knitting something for yourself would be great therapy.
Be careful!

Louisa said...

Oh poor Sheila! Big hugs and fast healing to you! Hope it feels better soon.

sunflowerfarm said...

I do feel sorry for you but I sure did laugh about Larry!! Take it easy.