Saturday, September 18, 2010

Almost Fall

Where has the summer gone... time sure flew when you get old...
Nothing to exciting around here, Joe and his honey have been here for 3 days... we find it a little difficult as we are used to be  here by ourselves..and this crappy old mobile doesn't need 4 adults in was okay when the boys were little as they didn't take up much room, and we kind of got used to it as they grew up... but 10 years on our own kind of spoilt us... didn't have to share the bath... now it seem when i want the bathroom someone else is in it... oh well...
Wynn is doing great... she has decided she likes the Frisbee toy... she hasn't quite figured out that if she doesn't bring it back I can't throw it for her... she still sticks to me like glue... velcro dog...  Levi has finally started playing with her... although he snarls at her...but she has him figured out, and just pounces on him... Don't ya just love her ears... i keep hoping that that one ear keeps standing up... doesn't she look like trouble looking for a place to happen... she keeps packing shoes around.. they are all up on the back of the chair out of her reach..
I am going to pick my peaches today... i am afraid that it will freeze any night now.. we have had the wood stove going for days now... Larry hates getting up to a cold house..
We will be adding another dog... no not to keep... Matt and his friend are off on a cruise from LA to Mexico, so we will get Kayda for 3 weeks... her and Wynn should have a good time... poor Kayda will freeze up here, as she has absolutely no coat... she looks like she is wearing a slip her coat is so fine...  well will go and pick the peaches... suppose to clean out the truck today... but have to wait to get liver dog treats out of the oven... day for dog treats... dehydrating ground turkey, and baking chicken liver treats... Levi and I will be down in Cloverdale Oct 1-2-3... if anyone wants to come and laugh at us... hopefully this trial he will be more willing to do what i ask.... he has been doing well in agility... not fast, but dependable.. now we just have to make sure he will stay as dependable at a big trial.... have a great day

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