Thursday, September 29, 2011


Levi is now official retired from Agility Trials and training.  I know he is only 4 years old, but he just doesn't care for agility.  I have tried really hard to make him enjoy it, but no luck..My final decision was made at the 5 Star Trial,the beginning of Sept, he just wasn't interested, even the judge commented on his lack of enthusiasm
 . I think what helped me decide to retire him was training Wynn the past 4 months, she loves it and runs with great joy.  Levi was 18 months old when we rescued him from his 5th or 6th or 7th  home, it is always hard with a rescue dog, he doesn't know how to play with me or even the other dogs, and he has had so many homes you just don't know how he was treated.. It bothers me that i am giving up on him, but I am not giving him away, he is in his forever home, and he will spend the rest of his life on the Homestead with the rest of the pack..if he had had his way last night, he would have spent the night chasing bears... the dogs were wild and barking their heads off...Jackson barked for hours... Levi laid on the front porch and barked..he would have been gone if he had backup but Dixie and Wynn were in the house..
So now I will spend all my $$ and time on Wynn... wish i had a video camera and i would get someone to take a movie of her runs... last night i was messing up my share of the run... and the little witch was whining at me, telling me to smarten up and get with the program.. I had to laugh at her..she is so darn fast, we start the fall classes soon, in Merritt, so the gas cost gets cut right down.. i have to travel 90km round trip to get to the Summer classes on Iron Mountain..about 50 km round trip in the Winter... this is Wynn practicing her Zones. "2 on, 2 off" that is used on the teeter, the dog walk, and the A frame... front feet in the dirt and back feet on the obstacale..she has amazing " zones" .. She should be ready for trials in the spring...
this is the dogs water bucket.. filled with pine cones.. Larry must have emptied it 5 times.. he has a big orange box just full of pine cones..

These are the socks that i now own... the grey ones are made by the wonderful Sock lady, i asked for Grey as the main colour and every shade of pink she had... and of course she had to make them just a little wild with a dash of orange... very cool... and the green ones are one that Marg Sjorstrom made me for our FB exchange... she calls them Beaufort Sea socks.. fit like a glove.. will write soon.... hugs

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