Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, I guess when your Mom tells you, you had better get writing on your blog, i guess i had better start writing again.

I ended up working 3 days a week at the Food Bank, and that really took up a lot of time, but the Directors hired a new General Manager, so I am back to one day a week, which is just fine for me.

We had a great Winter, only a couple of days of extreme cold weather, and very little snow.. 12 inches total all winter, and then spring was great, warmed up very early.  Fruit trees bloomed early and now all have fruit started.  My Manchurian apricot finally has fruit, we have had that tree for at least 15 years, never a blossom, so of course no fruit, it is covered with fruit this year... it blooms so early, hope the fruit survives.  We are getting a bee hive next week..Larry is very excited about it.. he built the supers, the frames, the lid and the bottom board and stand.  We have a neighbours who has 15+ hives, and is very knowledgeable, so they are starting a new hive for us. I can hardly wait for the honey, won't get too much this year, hopefully enough to enjoy a jar or two.  We planted 3 new trees that are known as Bee trees, ( Linden trees), they have a lovely smell when they bloom in July, and the bees love them.

Wynn is doing great, she has finally got over her limp, the Holistic Vet I took her to really helped her, we started jumping her at 10 inches, and are now up to 16.  I am not running her, knees need to be replaced, so my friend Robin is doing it for me.. they get along famously, and Wynn is running like the Wind..she doesn't even miss me..usually takes a look at me before she leaves the line.  Hopefully we will to a trial this fall to see how she does.

Laying hens didn't improve any.. still only 7 to 10 eggs a day out of 15 hens, they are out of here as soon as the new chicks are ready to lay. 

Haven't been doing much spinning, knitting a few shawls, and scarfs..found a pattern that really appealed to me, now have to spin up another bobbin and then i'm away..

In October this year, Desert Mesa Spinning retreat will celebrate our 10th anniversary..when we asked what the girls wanted to do, they all wanted a 3 day retreat, so we asked and the management are happy to accommodate us..  so  3 days it is..  should be fun.. a few games planned just to break up the date.

Just got my green house planted... 3 tomato plants, basil, cukes and a watermelon... so just have to wait now...
Hope you all have a great day


Louisa said...

She's back! Missed you.

Sharon in Surrey said...

Well, I'll be damned, she isn't dead!!! I do keep asking about you to see if you ran away or moved on but everyone says you're still there so I'm glad to hear from you too. A 3 day Retreat in the Fall, eh?? I can't believe it's been that long! I'm guessing that Gail & Karen are already signed up for those 3 days!!