Monday, October 29, 2007

100 gram fibre exchange

Here are some of the things made from our 100 gram fibre exchange

Annie's pink/purple scarf was also made with one on Andrea's top knots. The white scarf was made for Kay and the blue scarf was made for Doreene out of one of Andrea's top knots i think, spun very fine

Bev's felted mat and Christmas ornaments were also made from one of Andrea's top knots the brown scarf was made with merino for Caroline
this is where my camera batteries died so i am waiting for Andrea to send me the rest of the photos so you all can see them... it was a great challenge... we had to make something out of stuff that we might not have liked..and had to make it go far enough to make something with...a few of the girls found it a real challenge as some of the fibre was not exciting or well prepared... but we all did it... see ya

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