Sunday, October 28, 2007

what a weekend

Hi...what a busy weekend.... took both dogs, Jesse (son's dog) and Dixie to agility Saturday morning... ran Dixie first... what a pain she is... she just puts the brakes on... won't go over jumps... goes around them... so i gave her a shake.. and she smartened up..and did really well at the last run.... then ran Jesse in the next was so easy... she knows what i want and flies over the jumps and thru the tunnels..and up over the dog walk and A frame... although she goes so fast she wears me out...and she is finished way before i get to the last obstacle.. Dixie will figure out it is fun one of these days...
And then yesterday afternoon, Larry and i got into burning the front field..Judy-sue's dad is going to work it up for us... so we wanted to burn up the pinecones and worked at that for a couple of hours...and went out again this morning... worked a couple more hours, came in for lunch... and as he was sleeping i looked out and saw the whole valley filled with smoke the wind had picked... got him up and got down into the field just in time to stop the fire going into the neighbours..smoked up the whole valley, had all the neighbours driving by to see what all the smoke was about..of course the neighbours right next door weren't happy... but they are a pain in the butt all the time... anyway we spent the next 2 hours out there making sure that it was almost out.. just a few smoking spots... we both smelt like a smoke was not good for my lungs or Larry's broken was like having our own California fire storms... i am sooooooooooo tired... early to bed tonite for sure............ nite

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