Friday, October 26, 2007

boring day

Nothing exciting today... went to town, met friend for "Japanese", and got my hair cut.. sure feels better and of course looks better too... I finally got the shawl off the was the Garter and Lace one...the garter part was easy and the lace part was easy, but that part took forever...i will take a picture after i get it washed and blocked..made it out of my own alpaca that i got Marie to spin up for still has the spinning oil on i expect it to blossom after the oil is washed out..I made it for a friend who is need of a hug, but lives too far away... i will mail it to her as soon as it is dry... i started the wild colour scarf for my friend who loves the colour... i spun it fine, but as it is merino it is blossoming as i knit it...almost got that purple silk spun up... i ordered myself a wool lee winder right after the retreat so am expecting it any day..i will ply the silk on it...and hopefully as the advert says my spinning will improve...Off to agility tomorrow morning... hope the weather isn't too cold... got an email from Andrea this morning and it was -10 at her place this morning... only -5 here...only warmed up to 9 degrees today...i meant to make the dogs a bed for them to lay on, but forgot... oh well will find an old blanket for them... talk to ya soon... silk

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