Wednesday, October 24, 2007

guild birthday party

Greetings... 11 spinners showed up for the Guild Birthday party... we have one big birthday party a year... we can't remember every one's birth date... so we decided to have just one big one a year...everyone got great gifts... i personally got a knitting bag on wheels... the red hat society one... i don't belong, but i do love the bag..lets see if i can remember what everyone got... Jean got a cute pair of horse salt and pepper shakers..Kay got a "sun lamp", May got a leather bound journal and soap, Doreene got some lavender soap from France, Bernice got some fibre, top knots ...Sheila got a rotor cutter and a cutting board... Bev got a bag of Fibre, Andrea got a grass knitting bag, Caroline got some bath stuff, Annie got a book on dolls and a picture frame... can't believe i remember them all..
We did our project return today... i took a few picture till my !@#$ camera told me to change the batteries.... wish it would show in advance when the batteries are getting low..although this was the first time i ran out of power... Andrea took some too, and she is to send them to me, so i can put them on here... It was a good project as we had to do something that we hadn't chosen..and in some cases didn't like...but they all turned out great... and everyone seemed pleased...
Only thing wrong with the party, it was potluck, Doreene and i both brought Spinach salad... so we ate hers, and i brought my spinach home and made a spinach quiche... it's in the oven and sure smells good.... can hardly wait for supper.... nite nite.... silk

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