Tuesday, October 23, 2007

dog agility

Hi... the dogs do run the course, but they can't do it with out the handler...have you ever seen dog agility... they go over jumps, A frames, dog walks, tunnels, chutes, weave poles, titter totters, and more jumps.... they need guidance so they know what to take next...Jesse is just too fast, everyone there calls her the Rat Dog... and Dixie is slow, so she is easier to handle... the area as a sandy gravel base, it is like running in sand...and of course my weight doesn't help much, and it has been a couple of weeks since we last had a class... i will take my camera next time and will show you the other dogs, can't take pictures of my own dog when i am running.. hopefully i will be able to trial Jesse this winter in a few one days trials, and then again during the summer.... and Dixie too if she finally gets that this is fun... Guild is having their annual birthday party tomorrow... we are going up to Andrea's for the day...we exchange nice gifts, and have a pot luck, haven't decided what i am taking, either Spinach quiche, or spinach salad.... better get my act in gear and get into town.... see ya

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gail in surrey said...

Sheila.......Sounds like the party was a wonderful time! Do check out the blog of "she who will not be noticed".