Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a wild colour... not what i would normally spin, but Doreene really liked the colour so i thought i would make her a scarf for Christmas... now i just have to find a pattern, i was thinking about the feather and fan, but have done that several times, found one on MagKnits.. "Party Lace Scarf " only 4 rows of pattern, just what i like... so will ball this yarn up today and give it a try, i hate patterns that i always make mistakes with...if i find it too hard, i will do the feather and fan... easy and fast to knit..
I am very lazy today... took Jesse, (son's dog) a Jack Russel X and Dixie (my dog) to Agility yesterday, Dixie is a border collie, but a slow one, so she runs in the starters class for slow dogs or beginners, and then I run Jesse in the next class for Fast Starters..3 hours of running thru sandy soil is really hard on this old girl...and we were having friends over for supper and cards (canasta), so i rushed home, finished up supper, and stood in the hottest shower i could stand for 20 minutes... Supper was okay, veggie casserole didn't turn out to good, but Chicken (homegrown) and spuds (double baked cheese) were excellent, and Glynnis's pecan pie was great... woke up with sore hips and achy shoulders this morning... didn't even get out to do chores till 10 am...sheep were a little hungry..and dogs wanted out...even Larry was lazy this morning, he didn't leave the house till 11 am...nice lazy day today... cold chicken sandwiches for lunch and more left over chicken and spuds for supper... you guys better write on your blog more...hugs

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Hey thats MY color too!! Wouldn't mind some of that in my stocking for christmas!! How come you have the sore hips?? Doesn't the DOG run the course???

We finally have SUN on the Wet Coast - can hardly believe my eyes!!!