Thursday, November 29, 2007

2ND day

hi... well we have almost made it thru 2nd day...i haven't killed him G mentioned it definitely is a "lesson in patience"..wouldn't be bad accept it is the 2nd time around..Dr said if it didn't work this time she would have to fuse the ankle..hopefully it will work this time.. We went into town to pick up a walker, he feels unsafe with the snow and ice with the crutches, and a bath chair, as he can't stand up to shower...i dropped him off at his buddy's shop while i did a bit of shopping, that way he gets to chat with his buds..and i get a few minutes by myself.. Eldest son show up for a few minutes, i had a couple of heavy chores we had to do together...seems to like his new job.. he drives one of those HUGE, HUGE trucks at the mine... 6 miles an hour for 12 hours.. he will be working over Christmas, so probably won't see them till Boxing day... that is okay.. we are having Friends for we won't be alone, Youngest boy works Christmas eve day, and i think he will stay with his grandma for Christmas dinner, she doesn't want to go to her granddaughters place for dinner, too far a way... better go and stick the pizza in the oven... Larry isn't too hungry, so we eat little and often these days..... nite, nite Sheila

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Lynne said...

Wish I lived closer so I could give you a hand, or help out with something cooked. Heading to the coast next Thursday and will of course take knitting. Then rest of the dark teal should be here when I get back home.