Sunday, December 2, 2007

DAY 5 I think

Snow and snow and more snow.. had about 3 inches last nite and another 4 inches so far today... what a mess it is going to be when the temperature goes up to +8 degrees tomorrow... hope it all melts into the ground... it will be a skating rink around here...ugh...
Day 5, and Larry is still alive, he is so bored that he is reading a 'John Grisham' book that i bought... not a novel but a true story about some guy convicted in the southern states and found 'not guilty' 20 years later, he finished it in 2 days... last time he had surgery on his leg he never did pick up a book to read..friend sent over a couple more 'true' stories... guess i will have to go to the library on Tuesday to see what i can find for him... I have to go into hospital on Tuesday and get a 24 hour blood pressure monitor..Dr says my blood pressure is high, but considering the turmoil I have been thru lately... Joe leaving the mill in a mess, 19 year old kid running the mill, and Larry's surgery I think i am entitled to have a stress i had to wait in the Dr office for over an hour..i do not need another medication... Sorry to hear about your car, Sharon...and your sinus, Karen...and your dizziness and your migraines, Louisa, hope things pick up for all of ya...I have been trying to get the bird to say "Poor Larry"... he is working on it... well better go shovel the walk so the DH doesn't land on his butt next time we go out.......... hugs Sheila

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