Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another week has gone by

another week closer to 'Christmas'... where does the time go...had a busy week, and didn't accomplish much...did go to the Dr on Friday for renewals, and of course he took my blood pressure and it is high... and Dr wanted to put me on one of those 24 hour blood pressure machines, but when i explained how hectic our lives were... Larry's surgery and our son moving on to a new job and leaving our business high and dry and in a mess, it was okay he leave for a better job, he just left a real mess behind...we do have a young fellow who said he would hold down the fort for us till Larry can get back to the mill..DR said i could wait for a couple of weeks...Larry is trying to get all the winter's wood in, get his shop organized and get everything else done around here before he is house bound after his surgery...
Youngest son showed up on Friday, had a couple of days off, so decided to come for a visit...scared me half to death when he stuck his head in the door, i was expecting Larry, who is 5'4 and instead got Matt who is 6'4...i was off to agility Saturday morning, so left both guys at home, when i got home, Matt had moved out the old beer fridge and moved in the the newer one, and had cleaned out my back porch... he is such a good kid.. so is the other one when he isn't thinking about himself..We have been really lucky as both boys are adopted and we have had no problems with either of them, no drinking, no drugs or wild driving..
Agility was good, both dogs are working well... Dixie is finally starting to enjoy herself..and does what i ask of her... and Jesse is just too fast.. it wears me out... as we were havin company for supper on Saturday, i was totally wiped out by 11 pm .. We did laugh at our Yankee bird. we have a friend who just bought a new highway truck, so Larry taught Yankee to say "So ya bought a truck, eh Stupid" it only took him 4 days to learn how to say it... and he said it right at supper last night when they came over for supper and to play Canasta..we thought Dave was going to pee himself laughing... was going to put up a Yankee picture, but this thing won't let me do it for some reason... oh well no picture... have been working on that "flower basket shawl"... don't have a picture of it yet Karen... will put one up as soon as it is finished.. more than half done... it is a small shawl... might add another row of lots of silk spun up...better go put supper in the oven... home grown chicken.. talk to ya soon.... Silk

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Louisa said...

I didn't know your sons were adopted! I was too. We'll have to chat about this some time.

And no fair being so close to finishing the Flower Basket Shawl. I haven't even started mine yet! Yes, I'm going to make one too and it's all your fault. Heh!