Saturday, November 24, 2007

too tired for words

boy am I tired... didn't sleep well last nite... &*()^%$ cat hollered all nite long, and the minute i got up to see what he wanted, ('out' i imagine) he vanished.. under the sofa..he is getting old..must be 17+ he deserves to stay in, but the hollering does me in... 5 minutes after we are in bed he starts, even the bird hollers like him now...
Did dog agility again today, and that helps wear me out, of course it was cold
-4 when we started.. it is outside, but inside a roping arena, just as cold inside as it is out, but out of the wind.. the instructor brings a propane heater as she is there most of the day..6 classes starting at 9 am... we sure have some giggles, at the large Newfoundland dog 'Maddie' who only speaks french hates the dog walk.. (a twelve foot up ramp, twelve foot on the level about 5 feet in the air, and then 12 feet back down..)anyway she gets nervous and gets her nails out then she slips and sometimes falls off as she goes up... MJ tried and tried with her today, and it just wasn't working, so she was told to skip the dog walk and go around it.. the look on the dog's face when she found out she didn't have to do it was too 'there is a God'.. she galloped around the rest of the course with a smile on her face..She is a huge dog, and we laughed at her last spring when the snow slid off the roof of the arena, it really scared her, and she headed into the smallest crate there... one that would fit a mid size dog..MJ had to take the crate apart to get her out... then she headed into one of the tunnels and wouldn't come out, MJ had to crawl into the tunnel to get her out..
One of the dogs 'Sara' barks when her handler doesn't give her the right directions.. Austin the 'Jack Russell' also gets vocal when his handler isn't fast enough for him... and my Dixie just goes around the jumps when she gets mad at me..and Jesse just runs in circles waiting for me to catch up..I ran her with a dog sweater on today... she doesn't care for it, but it did keep her warm as she has to wait an hour while i run Dixie..
Larry's surgery is on Monday.. we have to be in Kamloops by 10 am..thank goodness, i sure didn't want to go over the nite before... i would have had to have someone come in to feed the critters, and stoke the fire... i will drop him off, and then go do some Xmas shopping and then head back to see him before i go home for the nite, then go back and pick him up the next day..
I have been knitting the "flower basket shawl"which is fairly easy, but i can't be tired.. or i screw up..and end up with too few or too many stitches, then i have to find the error, rip it out to the mistake and hopefully it is not in the first 10 stitches.. which is usually is..i only have 1 set of rows and then the finally edging.. but not to nite.. I spun up some llama fibre i found, i was planning to knit a friend a pair of mitts, but as i spun it, i found it had too many guard hairs in it... so i did finish it, but am not sure if it will make a comfy pair of mitts.. I also spun up some old coloured fibre that some one gave me, i want to make a pair of those fingerless gloves... i think we should all make a pair..after Christmas of course..there is a blog with tons of patterns on it..
got to go... might do some spinning as i can't make too much of a mess of that... nite nite Friends hugs Sheila

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