Friday, November 2, 2007

trip to Kamloops

Hi... nothing exciting, took girlfriend to Kamloops so she could get her eyes checked..had the drops so things were a little fuzzy for her... had a busy day... left here around 9:30, stopped at Staples to return those darn little name tag holders that i hated and the pet store to pick up a new comb for Jackson, i broke his brush on his tough coat. Stopped at local veggie store for a few veggies.. nice and cheap.. and then Penningtons... and didn't buy a thing, can't believe that.. just didn't see anything that caught my eye...did her Dr appt and then went to Joey Only's for fish lunch.. and then Costco and only spent 100 bucks in the 200 buck store. Went into Merritt for the other stuff today... again nothing intersting other than my Wool lee winder came today... and i bought 10 bucks worth of 649 tickets.... I will take ya all on a trip if i win...
I finally got that alpaca shawl finished, and will put the picture up as soon as i give it to her... just encase she reads this.. turned out good... softened up nicely after the spinning oil was washed out.... finished spinning up my beautiful purple silk, and am now plying blue/pink/purple alpaca and a thread... looks good Hugs silk

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