Sunday, November 4, 2007

where did October go

I can't believe that it is November already... time sure flies as one baby will be 27 in a week...he hates getting older...seems like just yesterday he was a baby... lucky for me both boys were good boys... never had any problems with them, no drugs, no drinking, no wild driving...of course i have no idea what they do now... but as long as they behaved themselves when i was responsible for them.. i am fine with what ever they do...

had a great day at Agility yesterday... Dixie ran really well, only a couple of mistakes on her part... lots on mine..and she is getting faster... everyone there calls her the "slow border collie"... but she is getting faster and then there is Jesse... "rat dog"... she runs with a class of dogs that all jump 16 inches, she jumps 10", so yesterday the jumps were all set for the 16" dogs from the previous class, well did she get mad... she didn't run first like she usually does, she barked, she growled, she howled, she muttered, she was p---ed right off..i couldn't keep her quiet...but the minute she finished her run, she quieted right down, she just didn't like the other dogs going first..and sure let us know about it..she is getting so good i think i will put her in a one day trial in March and maybe Feb depending on Larry's leg..

I got my new Wool Lee Winder on Friday...tried plying with it, not too sure i really like it as it really draws the wool in faster than i usually like..and it wasn't winding across as it should, but Larry figured out that the wheels weren't meshing like they should, works good now..i just have to figure out how to ease off the tension... sure is made well and finished nicely.. I started spinning some Merino and silk (Pewter) this is the first fibre, so will see how it works...better go and make dessert for supper at friends tonite.... see ya soon........... silk

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