Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

Well, Happy Boxing Day.... we had a lovely quiet Christmas Day..I went out early and feed the sheep...a whole bale, so i didn't have to fed them when i was getting supper ready... had a major wreck with the dogs... the bouvier, Jackson and our old "All Canadian" Gyp haven't gotten along for about a year now... they fight really bad... so anyway... i have to keep them separate... so Jackson spends the night in the kennel and the two old dogs sleep by the fire... so in the morning, i put the two old dogs in the shop, go over and let Jackson out of the kennel, lock him in the yard, go around to the back door of the shop, and let the old dogs out of the shop and they head for the kennel.... well i guess i didn't close the gate well enough, the latch was cold and hard to close, so Jackson hit the gate and knocked it open..Larry was yelling at me, but i didn't hear him as i was behind the shop letting the old dogs out... Gyp comes around the shop and runs right into Jackson... and away they went...Jackson is not 2 yet and Gyp is of course Jackson was on top... i grabbed him by his back legs and belly, and a handful of coat... but i had gloves on and couldn't hold on to him...i don't know if you have ever seen a dog fight, not pleasant..Jackson is a huge dog and a handful to hang on too... anyway he got away from i grabbed him again... it is always a challenge when you grab a dog in a fight, as they don't know who or what (another dog) is grabbing them, so you might get bitten... but he didn't even turn to look at me.. so he knew it was me..hung on to him long enough this time for Gyp to get away... there was a leash hang on the kennel, so was able to get that on him..and put him in the back door of the shop... then went and got Gyp off the front porch of the shop and put the old dogs away... and then had to catch my breath..what a way to start the day... my hands ached for most of the day...
The son and Daughter in law came out to exchange gifts... we got some nice gifts... Kelly got $300 worth of Pennington gift certificates from different members of her family..she was really happy about that... they gave me one too, and a lovely pair of earrings... Joe always gives me earring for birthday and Christmas...He is working at the mine, driving one of those HUGE dump trucks..didn't have to work Christmas day or Boxing day, but gets paid for it...what a job...Larry got a bunch of new books for Christmas... two Mike McCardell books, the new book about the cowboys of Douglas Lake, and a book on Crab Catching in the Bering Sea..that will keep him busy...

Friends came over for supper, it was our turn to host Christmas Dinner... ordered a 12 to 15 pound fresh bird, and got one that weighted 18 lbs... way too big for the 4 of they took half of it home..we will be eating turkey till the spring... we played a couple hands of Canasta... and Glynns and i lost really badly... we lost the first game in 2 HANDS..but then turkey makes one sleepy... right.. good excuse.. planning on knitting after i feed the wild birds and clean out the wood stove... almost finished my project...looks good so far... will take a picture of it, and put it up as soon as my friend gets it.. check out Lynn's blog, she finished my socks... and are they great... i can hardly wait to get them... not sure i will wear them... might use they as a wall ornament...too pretty to wear.... Hope you all had a great day... Hugs Sheila

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Don't you know you're not supposed to get involved in a dog-fight!! You can get your arm torn off! I used to just turn the hose on them - that gets their attention fast!

Sounds like a pretty good Christmas all in all!! And those wild socks to come - I know you'll love those!!!