Saturday, December 29, 2007

a good agility day

Evening... what a day... headed out for agility this morning... first stop was to pick up son's dog 'Jesse' DIL out of bed, no Joe and no Jesse...and he didn't have his phone, so she didn't know where he was... they had forgotten that i was coming, I did phone them last nite and left a message to remind them... anyway Joe showed up with 'Jesse' about half way thru 'Dixie's' class...Dixie did good, she is speeding up.. she needs to know exactly where i am sending her, and she needs me with her...we are both learning... 'Jesse's' class, no one showed up, so we had a private lesson which was really good... i could stop and make her do it right, she is so damn fast, we are learning that she has to work away from me as i can't keep up with i have to really think ahead with her..our group class is usually an hour, with 5 dogs running, today we worked 45 minutes with only 2 dogs, Jesse and my instructors poodle Jazz.. wore me right was good for both dogs..
Then i had to do a bit of shopping, i haven't been to town since Christmas eve..
I went to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, and believe it or not I didn't have a set of no. 5 needles, I have a million pair of needles, but no size 5... so i just had to buy a set...while i was waiting to get to town to buy my needles, i started another shawl... I had 600 yards of Aurelia fibre... can't remember the name... has some sparkle in it..a lot thicker than i usually spin... tried to do a lace pattern, but it was way to thick, so am just doing a plain triangle shawl..and using the colour for the pattern...looks okay... Had a 10 minute nap before supper that sure helps..i was able to make supper with out groaning too much..have a Happy New Year.............. hugs

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