Thursday, December 6, 2007

no more whining

hi.. i have to get on with my life and quit whining..We just got back from Klps, took off the temporary cast and removed about 30 staples from his hip and ankle.. looks good... Dr Z said he is doing good, and if he QUITS smoking his ankle will heal.... hurray... but whether he will do it is questionable... he has had carotid artery surgery, a heart attack and now the leg... do you think it might sink in this time..i really had to bite my tongue on the way home, i so wanted to rag on him, but i know that it is his i will wait till he starts smoking heavy again, then i will jump on him with both feet... i can hardly wait for that day..... Had a good guild meeting yesterday, 10 of us there, so we decided to go out for a Christmas lunch... we will have our Christmas gift exchange and pot luck in January..I have almost finished that 'flower basket shawl' just two more rows, but i have been tired at nite and don't want to make a mistake... will block it and then take a picture of it... The snow and the ice has really frozen up, makes it hard to walk, and i am afraid i will land on my butt...just as long as i don't break anything, i will be fine...Girlfriend just phoned and she is without a car this afternoon, so i will take her into work at 3, she wanted to take a taxi, but the cost is dear hubby insisted that i take her into town... oh well... she would have done it for me.. been reading the Yarn harlot's new book... she is just too fun...wish i could knit as well as she does... have you checked out the "kitty" newsletter, as Louisa says, way too many patterns, way to little time... i must have more than a 100 patterns that i would like to knit.... one at a time... till i am too old to knit.... have a good day.............. sheila

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