Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I promise

hi, I promise i won't whine tonight..things are looking better around here, but the yard will be a skating rink when things freeze..sorry i promised.. went into hospital and pick up a blood pressure monitor, what a pain it is, doesn't work like it is suppose too.. should take my pressure every 15 minutes, but if i am not sitting right it doesn't work... oophs... i did promise...did get Larry's 'walk free' thingy today... he will need practice as he is nervous he will fall... i had better go, everything i want to write about i will whine, get to go to guild meeting tomorrow... that will make me feel better............. nite silk


spinquilt said...

You can e-mail me and whine.I will even read it .

Anonymous said...

That's what blogs are all about, you know! It's our personal place to Brag & Rant. Rant away! Nothing like freezing rain, deep snow, animals to feed & a Grouchy Man on top to make your life worth living . . . . . I'm glad I live alone in a basement in the city with pizza delivery if I want it.