Friday, January 4, 2008

another day

Hi... nothing new and exciting here... rain, snow, more rain and more snow...I have been knitting the shawl... finally remembered the name of the fibre...Victoria Rose?? i could never find anything to put with it so i had 600 yards, hope there is enough, not enough for a fringe, but i don't like fringes and i am knitting it...... one of our guild had a breast cancer scare just before Christmas, turned out to be a cyst so will give her the shawl as a gift if i like it when i get it off the needles.... I have been knitting shawls for all my friends as they turn 60, i have run out of friends turning 60 that is, so decided to starting knitting shawls for all the older friends...haven't forgotten ya Karen... yours is next...i know not everyone uses shawls, but i find that if you throw it over the back of your chair it is there if ya get chilly..
Off to agility tomorrow.. I have been walking every day this week, so hopefully it won't be too hard on the old bod...we were suppose to go out to a 50th birthday tomorrow nite, but Larry isn't in to spending a nite on his crutches with people he doesn't know..
The '&*(%' bird chewed on one of my 'Denise' needles and chewed the end off..and of course it was the 40 inches one that i bought extra... so i asked Larry if he could fix it... and he is feeling so guilty with me doing everything that he couldn't say no... which he won't anyway... anyway he fixed it good.. cut the end piece out of the cord and heated the cord and put the end back now my 40 inch is about 36 will do...
We will have our first guild meeting next week.. funny how you miss the girls.. we only see each other twice a month, but i do look forward to seeing them..and seeing what they have made .. hope everyone is well....... hugs sheila

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spinquilt said...

I am not worried that you have forgotten. I love shawls and am delighted that some one is knitting for me. Say hello to everyone at your Guild meeting. Love the photos of the dogs.