Sunday, January 6, 2008

January 06-08

It is really hard to believe it is 6th of January already, where does the time was a nice day yesterday, up to 5 degrees above yesterday...did agility yesterday, i love it but it kills the ole bod...although i am feeling better today than i usually feel... maybe cuz i have been walking everyday for the last week... it is so icy on the road..i take the dogs with me...and they love it... they head for the gate everytime i go outside to do chores... i am having a terrible time with the ice around the gates... can hardly open cleaned out the stove and put the ash down on all my paths.. hopefully it will keep me from falling on my pratt...that is all we need is for me to break something important...
Finished my 'Victoria Rose" shawl... it was just a plain knit with an increase at the beginning of the row, two in the middle and one at the end... i cast off too tightly, and it made the edge curl... but i think i like the effect... i have got it soaking in the sink, so will block it soon, and take a picture of it when it is dry...very plain, but interesting with the yarn.. now i have two scarfs to finish before...before, before i start something new..unless i get bored with the scarfs.. one will be that wonderful 'Chinese red' silk and the other will be silk too, just not sure what colour..the red is a project i started at 'Dream Spin' at Lake Cowichan, i made a deal with one of the spinners, she also bought the silk there, and we challenged each other to have it finished by the next retreat in Feb... and the other is for a friend who just turned 50...she is the kind who will really appreciate it.... think i will go for a walk.... take care.... sheila

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