Friday, January 11, 2008

finished projects

this is the 'Victoria Rose' fibre from Aurelia Wools, with the too tight cast off that i like the look of, if you look close you can see the too tight edging...the girl that i gave it too, said she really like the colour, so i told that was good as it was for her... plain but the colours looked good.

This is the magenta really bright yarn done in the Flower basket pattern... it looks much better than it the silk one.. you can see the pattern better.. i have also just finished a scarf out of purple silk done in the feather and fan pattern, have to get a picture of it and it is off to it's new home tomorrow.. 50th birthday present...
worn out cleaning house today, didn't get my walk in today, put on a pedometer today about 11 am, and since then i have walked 1500 steps in a mobile, just cleaning house and washing floors... will keep it on to see how many steps i do, doing chores...see ya


spinquilt said...

Your shawls are gorgeous. Love the pink one. I will have to look up that pattern. The variegation
of the colour in the first shawl is lovely, it doesn't really need a pattern.
I am sorry to hear about your dog. Isn't it amazing how much you miss them. Take care.
Hugs Karen

Louisa said...

You forgot to warn me to put on my sunglasses before viewing your shawls! Very pretty. I hope to get to my Flower Basket Shawl but not until after a lot o'socks!