Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Socks

Got my new socks yesterday, aren't they gorgeous... i love them.... the colours are wonderful...they will be my retreat socks..
Had a good day yesterday, both dogs did well in agility, I am going to enter Jesse in a couple of one day trials one in Feb and one in March... i get nervous just thinking about it... Dixie still tries to do her thing, and not my thing..but we raised her jumps to 22 inches and she seemed to go faster... I also kept her away from Jackson, her play buddy in the morning, they usually play from 7 to 9 am when i leave, so yesterday they only got 30 minutes of play time... and she wasn't as tired...
Then i had to rush home and get ready to have friends over to supper and a couple games of Canasta...guys beat us one game and we beat them one game... we do get really cutthroat... but have lots of laughs..
Next knitting project will be Karen's 60th birthday shawl... really really late..just can't find a pattern that i like and that is easy for my lack of skill, and that has an easy graph pattern to follow...and then i have to go thru my stash of spun yarn to find the right one for the 'marshmallow in her coffee' friend.. i have so many patterns that i have saved after seeing them on the Internet that it will take me a while to find the right one... i need something to knit at night..
Thought i would go for a walk this morning the sun is shinning, but the trees are just whipping around, too much wind...and it will be a cold will wait till after lunch and lose the sun and hopefully the wind... see ya


Gail said...

Sheila, Your new "retreat socks" look lovely. Lynne did a realy nice job!

Sharon in Surrey said...

WoooHooo Look at them socks!! Now all you have to do is spin up enough wool in one of those colors to knit a nice sweater!