Tuesday, January 15, 2008

look what i found in my barn

Went out to do chores this morning and i found this little guy in the rafters... Some of you may know that i had a little SwetWhet Owl last Christmas 2006 in my barn... he was there for several weeks, and then sadly one day i found feathers on the floor and didn't see him again... so this winter every time i go in the barn i look to see if there is on Owl in the barn... this morning i found this little guy... don't ya just love his eyes. I opened the grainery door, hoped he would go mousing in the grain...this afternoon I took my camera out, and of course got carried away... the owl, the Shetlands, the big sheep, the alpacas, and the llama and Jackson playing with a five gallon bucket... i will save them for the next couple of posts...okay... i put another one on for ya
This is Freddy... a rescue alpaca from Oyama, I went over to help Darlene Homechuk and her hubby with their shearing one spring, and a friend of theirs was there, and telling us that one of his two alpacas had been killed by a bear, and the last one was lonely... and he offered him to me, so we got him sheared and we loaded him into the back of the Explorer, and i brought him home... his fleece is terrible, but he is a nice boy...so i just get him sheared and use his fleece for dog beds...

We had a mini blizzard last nite, lasted about 2 hours and gave us 4 inches of snow.., wind and snow, a real dandy... we got a surprise this morning, our oldest son Joe came out with a loader and plowed the drive way and tidied up the yard...looks good now... thanks for all your kind thoughts about the old dog... you all made me cry... but what are friends for... Better go, oven is dinging... i have to get the "sticky buns" out... two loafs of bread and a pan of sticky buns...with my new mixer..... see ya

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