Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nothing exciting

Hi.. nothing exciting around here... took the dogs to agility on Saturday... Dixie is finally getting the idea, we raised the jumps to 22 inches so she needs to put on more speed to get over the jumps... she is listening better, and does what i ask of her..and of course Jesse is doing really well, flies over the jumps, thru the tunnels at top speed... I am putting her into one day trials, one in Feb and one in first and her first... should be fun..

Went out for supper at friends place, played Canasta, and did we bet the pants off them..the guys that is... guys are just too funny... they just hate to loose, and sure get grouchy when they do...and then get really silly when they win...

I had bought myself a Woolee winder this fall, i do really like it, i can't believe how much more you get on a bobbin, but when i went to put it on my new 'lazy kate' from Dan George, the bobbins didn't fit..too big, so i whined and got Larry to build me one just a bit bigger..he almost has it finished...he even turned the dowels out of brass..and made the end buttons out of brass...i didn't expect anything so fancy, i just needed plain, but he doesn't like plain..

Finished the yarn up for Karen's 60 th birthday shawl, just have to find the right pattern... will ball up the skeins tonight..

I emailed Vivienne and Bill Hendrickson.... i was wonder how she was feeling, turns out Bill got appendicitis after the fall Retreat, and it turned out to be cancerous too... so they both spent time in Kelowna doing chemo and radiation.. can ya believe it... both of them...if you are interested in reading her email, email me and i will forward it on to you...
Better go... chilli is almost ready, and the homemade bread is almost ready to come out of the oven... homemade chilli and bread... how good does that sound..

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