Wednesday, January 23, 2008

too blank blank cold

Morning... it is so cold this morning... it is -18.5 right now... got up at 5 am as the wood furnace was running and not shutting was 60 degrees in here... so went outside to check the fire, and it was okay... but added more wood... came in to make myself a cuppa, and the water was frozen... our pump house is at the far end of the property and we usually put a heat light in there, but Larry forgot... so i got him up at 7, and we headed out at 7:30, I had to make a stop at the outhouse, so i started the truck and by the time i got back the truck had quit running, probably frozen fuel ... Larry figured he was going to walk down to the pump house... ya right... it is a short walk 5 minutes across the field, but can you imagine him on crutches and his peg leg going thru 18 inches of snow... so of course i volunteered to do it but i walked around by the road... 10 minutes there, plug in the heat lights and 10 minutes back at -18 degrees... we now have water, and they put the "herman Nelson" a huge kerosene heater under the truck... so things should be going soon...of course i have a guild meeting today with lots of things for the guild.... the joys of living in the country.. will write again as long as we don't freeze up completely... why is it the coldest winter in years the year he can't do his husbandly thing...keep me warm that is....giggle

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Yup, keeping ya warm is the least a husband can do . . . snicker! You might have to put a wool liner on the outhouse seat . . . .
We're having a cool spell too - cold & dry for us! Haven't had to take any medication for arthritis for days!! I like it! Sunday afternoon I came over the crest of a hill in Surrey & looked at the North Shore Mountains - My Gawd, there were mountains I'd never seen before marching to the east . . . & snowy mountains behind them!! We had a big wind storm which blew away the smog & then crackling dry cold to keep it clear!! I hope it kills all the mould too.