Monday, February 25, 2008

if he knew how close he came

HI..the wimp is still sick, and is really starting to drive me around the bend... he asked me to "Shoot" him last night, if he only knew how close he came to having his wish granted..i sure hope this awful flu bug skips over yours truly, i don't need to get sick... i have to go out and load up his pick up with fire wood today...we are almost out... Had to make a flying trip to town, got a cheque from a client on Friday, and found out today that they are going bankrupt.. so called the bank and they called the other bank and client had $$ in their acct so i flew into town and hope it will still be there when the cheque gets deposited, saw my friend at the bank,( she is the manager) with her hubby, their well pump has quit and he is getting the flu, she was ready to shot him already..
that has happened to us before, no water, so no toilet,(joys of country living) so i had a fit and insisted that i get an "outhouse", i can tell you that has been a god send more times than you can imagine... what an awful entry today... so sorry... i am sick of my life right now..

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