Sunday, February 24, 2008

so glad i stayed home

hi... the guild is off to the "fancy yarn workshop" this weekend... i decided to stay home as i wasn't too sure how Larry would be on the ice that makes up our yard this month... anyway on Thursday, he came home sicker than a dog... every bone and muscle in his body ached..and he has been in bed ever our 40 years of marriage, i have never seen him spend so much time in bed for 4 hours, up for an hour and back to bed...he would have been way too sick to do the chores and stoke the fire..he is just really sore and achey...

Crazy parrot is learning new words every day... latest was "Yankee's a gooooood boy", and today he is trying to say "you're so sexy" and it comes out "you're see", he have it figured out soon... last nite he said," you heard me"... exactly what i say to L when he asks me to repeat myself, which drives me nuts..

Agility was good yesterday... Dixie is driving me nuts, she just decides that she won't do as i ask her..just stands and looks at me...i try to stay positive and keep her happy, but by the time the class is over, i am ready to shoot her, and then in the next class Jesse does just what i ask her, and is waiting for more instructions... one of my class mates want to run her, cuz she looks like she is so much fun to run..which she really is...we have one more trial the middle of March, hopefully we will do better...
Another beautiful day, ice is melting slowly, and is very slippery, even the dogs are slip sliding around.. no lambs yet, i hope the ram did his job, i haven't seen him bred anything for awhile, so i am sure the job is done..just later than usual.. take care

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