Tuesday, April 8, 2008

leg is better

hi... I know i should have gone to the Dr on Monday, but i was at another Dr appt in Vancouver, and i just got home this afternoon, but i did make an appt for tomorrow, my leg is feeling much better today, but twice in less than a month is just too much pain for any one..and i don't want it to happen again anytime soon...x rays that Dr took last time didn't show anything but arthritis, but this time i heard a POP and then pain that brought tears to my eyes... but it is feeling much better today, just the odd twinge, although i really watch the dogs when they come flying at me... but Jackson is pretty careful not to run into me...I was really surprised how cold it was at the coast, and hardly any trees in flower, and only a few daffies around... coming home to Merritt was almost the same, cold and no trees in bloom... what a terrible news item we have become, I have seen that guy before, maybe when i worked at the food bank... i know i have seen him somewhere, but when you live in a town of 8000, there is a good chance you might see someone like that.. what a shame...it happened a long ways from here, as we live 20 minutes toward Spence's Bridge, but i do know the area.. mobile homes on private lots..
I took Joe's little dog Jesse (my agility partner) down to get spayed at the Langley spay and neuter clinic... way cheaper than having it done in Merritt... cost us $91, and here in Merritt it would be at least $150, she did really well although she was feeling sorry for herself today...poor old girl...now i don't have to worry about her coming into season when i want to trial her, now we just have to worry about my knee...and there is a trial coming up begin of June that i really want to go too...better go get supper on the table... see ya soon

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