Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dr appt

hi... went to the Dr and he decided i had a "baker's cyst", happens at the back of the knee, and the POP i heard was the cyst breaking, he said it couldn't have been a tendon as it would still be hurting... he says it will probably happen again, and if it does i will need a cortisone shot to fix it up... still aches a bit, but i can handle that.... Damn cold here today...just got off the phone with Andrea, she just got back from 3 weeks in the Antarctic and 3 weeks in the mountains of Chile..and is coming to 'Desert Mesa', I can hardly wait, i need some girl time away..we are not booked up completely, but we are happy with the numbers... Marg Sjorstrom is coming as a Vendor, Andrea, Marie Caron/Nixon, and a lady from Kamloops... so we will have enough shopping..
One of the guest is turn 65 on Friday of the retreat so we will have a celebration for her, and a cake of course....Larry didn't go to Klps for his occupational therapy this week, will start next week, for 6 weeks...he will either come home on Thursday, or i will take his truck to Cache Creek..not looking forward to that... but i am sure he will come home on thursday.. see ya

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