Saturday, April 12, 2008

beautiful day

Hi... what a gorgeous day, plus 20 at 2 pm... had a really great day at agility, only took Dixie today, Jesse is recouping from her surgery, Dixie was really good today, probably the best she has ever been... and my knee was fine, a little tight and achey but otherwise really good... was able to run for the full class.. was nice to get home before lunch time today... although i really love to run Jesse as she loves it so much.. nothing to exciting around here today... I am knitting a shawl... like the bright pink one i put up several months back... Doreene, Bev and Sheila S gave me some lovely silk and camel, about 3 oz and i got 430 yards out of it... this one is for is an easy pattern, but i do make mistakes, i try to remember to count the stitches every pattern row, cuz if i don't, that is the row that i make a mistake in, never won't be too big, just enough to wear around my shoulders.. Guild is meeting this Wednesday, Andrea will be back and Annie will come if her foot is okay, she had major surgery on it a week ago... sure don't know where the time goes.. We are out for supper tonite, bar b qued steak, salad and spuds... and i don't have to cook it which is the best part... have a great day.... Sheila

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