Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another beautiful day

Hi... another great day today, sunshine and the damn wind..we were out playing canasta last nite and were late coming home, but we did have a good laugh or too.... L slept in today, which is a real shock, and i was up by 6:30.. I had taped 5 episodes of Coronation Street, (my only soap opera), it is off prime time till after the Stanley Cup...I always liked it as the actors are just normal looking folks, absolutely no model or movie star types... I can remember watching it with my Grandmother when i was about 12... she loved it... you would be surprised at how many people watch it... while i was volunteering for Hospice, one of my clients always watched it, so i would keep her company for that half hour, and then we had something to talk about.. my friend Toni and her mom Marie watch it religiously.. even L comes in to watch it, and my youngest watches it too... Larry is away in the morning for his occupational therapy, i can hardly wait, i have so much to do before the Spring Retreat, got the mailing lists done, and dug out all the raffle stuff that i have been buying since October...I forgot to get a gift for the exchange, will have to look tomorrow, i have to go in for my 6 month blood checkup.. being a diabetic is a real pain sometimes... i hate not having my coffee in the morning..12 hours without food... Larry will leave early so i will be able to get out and do the chores and head to town..get my blood taken, do some quick shopping for treats just for me...and be back home by 10 i hope. I want to start on mucking out my bedroom while Larry is gone..i am going to throw away junk..and clothes that don't fit me anymore... the food bank will get another load.. nite nite... sheila


Flaming Nora said...

Hi, if you like Coronation Street you might like to sneak a peek at

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I found you Sheila!
I'm sorely tempted to look up the stuff on Cora, but will refrain.
Looking so forward to the weekend, haven't bought my wine for Thursday nite yet but promise to drink it all before arriving at the nunnery.
Do people know we hang out at a nunnery and have yet to be hit by a bolt of lightning?
Don't forget the popcorn,

Anonymous said...

Wish I could join you guys, perhaps I can fit it in next year. Nun the less.......(yeah, I know, that's bad) already looking forward to the Autumn DM......Have fun!........Gail in Surrey