Thursday, April 17, 2008

one more sleep

I can hardly wait...only one more sleep... till the Spring Desert Mesa Retreat...Larry came home last night, guess he missed me, but he sure screwed up my plans for the night... had planned on wrapping the door prizes, making a batch of Carmel corn, and washing the floor and vacuuming the living room... only got the gifts wrapped and he hassled me as i did that and the living room vacuumed, right in the middle of a show he was watching...he wasn't impressed, but i didn't mind...., I had raided his shop and took a couple of dozen of his handmade wooden Christmas decorations..he said he won't come home next week as i was annoyed he came home, how right he was, normally i would have been fine with it, but i had plans and he didn't care... anyway he is gone back to kamloops, and i won't see him till Sunday afternoon, I will leave the retreat early so i can spend some time with him, and get his clothes washed..Have to go back into town today, Dr appt, my knee has been acting up again, so will go whine to Dr..and pick up birthday cake for friend who will be 65 tomorrow at the retreat..
I am sure you heard that they caught the murderer of those 3 kids, the guy that caught him is a little different, and does have a criminal record himself..just glad he was caught, can't believe he didn't leave the area...
Had a guild meeting yesterday, was a good one, Andrea is back from 6 weeks holiday in the Antarctic and Chile..Annie is recovering well from toe surgery, and is able to spin, Caroline is looking better after her hubby's major surgery a month ago...we had ordered Sue Rex's colour cards and they came yesterday, they look great, didn't have much time to look at them, will do so after the retreat...lots of colours...i am impressed, we just have to figure out how to use them now, might get us into dyeing more... I decided i needed some thing to knit at the retreat, and the little scarf i am working on needs concentration, so found some lovely black alpaca from Marie that i had spun and plied with a thread with clear beads on decided to make a shawl, just a triangle no pattern and use the beads as the accent... so took it to spinning yesterday and got it well started, looking good...better go, time to do Chores and get ready to get back to town...and then home to get packed up.... will write after weekend.... have a good one.... Sheila

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