Thursday, April 17, 2008

damn doctors

hi.. went to Dr today about my knee, it was okay, but then started hurting really bad, so that when i took a step, i felt like my knee was giving away under me and i had to grab on to something, hurt really bad... so I made an appt last Monday for today, thought it might get better on its own, but it got worse, so after he poked and pushed every sore spot on my knee, he decided he would give me a cortisone shot, I said, hopefully "MONDAY" and he said RIGHT NOW... oh damn... i thought he only did them at the hospital.. so he says lay down, and relax your leg... how can you relax your leg when you know he is going to stick a needle into your knee joint, I said, it is going to hurt, and he said "well no, yes" I said 'have you every had one', answer of course was he stuck the needle in the joint, and of course i tensed up, so of course it really hurt... i am trying not to scream too loud, (major moans and lots of tears), and relax my leg so he tried again... same thing... he kept saying "scream if ya have too", i couldn't scream with all those people in his i yelped a then he went into the left side of my knee..three times before he hit the right spot.. lots more yelps and tears.. and then he went into that little hollow below your knee... again more pain and tears.. he rubbed and flexed my knee, again hurting me...not as many yelps this time... but when i put my pants back on, the pain was the time i left, NO PAIN... a friend was sitting in the office, and i asked her if she heard me and she said no, but i think she was being polite, cuz i made a lot of noise... it started to ache pretty good by the time i got home, took a couple fo T3 and i am without pain, again... he said i could go to the Retreat, and that treddling would be good for my knee... keep it moving but no heavy stuff..there is no way he would keep me away from the retreat..althougth he said it might be worse before it gets better, so i am taking lots of T3... almost everything is done.. and loaded... just the suitcase, and the pillow and my big bath towel... i hate showering with a hand towel.. Toni has phoned me a half dozen times this week, making sure i made the carmel corn... so just have to wash the floor and remake the bed... and i am done... have my camera so will take lots of pictures... hugs sheila

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Sharon in Surrey said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!! I'm glad your knee is better but it sounds like the cure was worse than the injury!!! I sure hope it improves this time - stop running on it till it heals, dammit!!!