Monday, April 21, 2008

Another great Retreat

Morning, got home safe and sound from the Retreat about 3 pm... some of those girls just won't leave... Toni, Melody, Teresa and Wendy...
I ended up sicker than a dog on to the retreat about 11:30, and went right to bed, Andrea showed up just after me, so kept things going till Donna got there... i was up and down several times, and finally went to bed around 9 and was down for the count... woke up Saturday feeling much better.. We had 30 guests this time, and it was a nice amount, several new guests and that made it interesting.. it was Sonia Gregg's 65th birthday so we had a little party for her..Show and tell was fabulous as always, spinners are so talented...and there were only a very few who didn't bring was good to see old friends again.. Food was good as usual, we are hoping we can change the date for the spring retreat, so the girls from Williams Lake can come, we conflict with their Miocene (not sure that is still what they call it) spin in, on Saturday..we will try our darnest.. This the lovely shoulder shawl that Melody made out of a single batt that was full of all these colours...isn't it a real beauty... this is Ellen Munroe, the wonderful woman who braved the weather to keep Marg company on her long journey from AB.. what a spinner and interesting lady she is..I lost my camera for a bit, (it was hanging on my chair the whole time), so didn't get many pictures taken... Didn't buy too much, will take a picture of it and post tomorrow... need to go muck out the bedroom... a bit a day till it is all done, i have 6 containers that i have to go thru..3 i know are full of fibre, and the other 3, i just can't remember... off to the pig pen... Sheila

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