Tuesday, April 29, 2008

time flies when you are having fun

Yup... spring clean is just so much fun... i hate it... started on my bedroom this past week... so much junk, i don't know why i am such a pack rat, as i can throw things way when i get at it... at least i am not a HOARDER... have you seen hoarders on TV... i am not a competent housekeeper, but even i couldn't live with all that junk...i don't have a linen closet, so keep sheets and blankets on top of my highboy... just tell me why i was keeping single bed sheets, when i haven't had a single bed in the house for 5 or 6 years...i have 3 down duvets, with 5 covers for them, 4 comforters, an electric blanket and a fancy summer blanket... and only two beds, our king and a double bed in the spare room... (which i can see now)...cleaned off the headboard, put away the shot gun shells, two pair of binconculars, 5 books that i have been reading..put away the cream for my feet, the cough candies, set the 2nd clock, put away two boxs of photos ... like i said junk... I have set aside one huge garbage bag of fibre that i won't ever use, two big bags of yarn, one of single balls that i bought to see how they were made, a huge bag of yarn that i was saving to weave with, and i don't weave.. and i have no idea where i got it from..acrylic yarn that i can't stand the feel of...going to take it to the guild meeting tomorrow, so hopefully i can get rid of it... if not, yarn will go to the thrift shop and the fibre (from my own sheep) will go to the dump...don't hassle me about that, i have a whole shed of raw sheep wool and i will have another 15 fleeces when the shearer comes... no sense keeping the crap....Larry is off to Kamloops again this week, my friend and i went over last Wednesday and had supper with him, just to help break up his week, he is bored silly, but will put up with it until the weather turns warm and then he will want to come home... I even worked on one of my garden boxs on Sunday, dug all the weeds, but it is so cold outside..
Took Jesse and Dixie to agility on Saturday, Dixie was a real pain in the butt...she worked good for 30 minutes then just quit... even my instructor tried working with her, and she just won't work... i sure wish i knew what to do with her...i need her to want to please me, and then there is Jesse, ( known around the arena as Little Super Dog)..who gives me all she's got, and then is ready for more... We are off to our 3rd agility trial in June... two whole days, we are staying with a friend who has a motor home.. at least 2 humans and 3 dogs, and probably more...should be fun...
Toni, Isabel, Melody and Marie and me are going to have a Wee spin in at Fenn Lodge owned by Diane Brady, Diane and Gary have it up for sale and have someone looking seriously at it, so this might be the last time we get to meet there...so we will meet there the first week in June, they plan on staying from Monday to Thursday, but i will leave on Wednesday as i have to get ready for the agility trial, and make a couple of meals for Larry before i go away again..but what the hey... it is my birthday that weekend, no sense having a birthday unless you can do what ya want to do.. right??? the birthday will start on the First of June and go to the 8th..a birthday week ???
I didn't start the fire yesterday, and i should have, it is cold in here today... so will go start it when i go out to feed the sheep... just to get the chill out of here..
I started spinning some beautiful 17.6 micro merino at the retreat, I bought it years ago from Andrea, they usually don't allow anything under 20 microns out of New Zealand, and this order was a mistake, so i took advantage of it... must have at least 500 grams of the stuff, only have 100 grams left to spin up... i get about 800 yards out of 200 grams.. beautiful and soft.. Marie will be turning 60 in 2009, which she reminded me at the retreat... so i told her to pick out her fibre...thinking she would pick something from Andrea, but nope she pick out some of her own alpaca, Cria, a very soft shade of grey... she gave me about 250 grams, and then at the gift exchange, what did she get but 80 grams of the same fibre, so she gave that to me to, so now i have 5 bags of Cria alpaca to spin up for her, I have a whole year, but i have several friends turning 60 in 2009..so have several shawls to spin and knit...bought some Royal Purple for a friend who is 6 feet tall, think it will look good on her..i think i will have to put a list on the fridge of all the shawls i have to do for 2009, i also want to do shawls for my friends who are over 60, mostly guild members.. now i just have to try some new patterns...time for chores...and to start the fire... cheers............. S


toni said...

Hey Sheila,
Cold and crummy down here too. Isabel and I sat spinning and watching the weather go from sun to hail to rain to sun again. Wierd.

Sharon in Surrey said...

It's cold & crummy EVERYWHERE in the province these days!! By the way, Sheila, have you thought about dragging some of those extra fleeces to the Retreat as door prizes?? or for Sale, cheap?? I have room under the bed for another fleece or two. And I'll take a Duvet for my bed! LOL
I've just been hauling single fitted flannel sheets out of my closet too - haven't had one of those in more than 10 years . . .