Wednesday, May 28, 2008

good evening

hi how goes the battle... been busy around here... Larry went to Kamloops to see specialist after his major stomach upsets two months ago... he had a pre cancerous pollup in his colon, nothing too serious, but he has to go back in a year's time for a check up..that was on Monday, and then Tuesday i had an appt with my Rhuematologist (spelling??) and he had one with the optometrist, I had had a bone density scan begining of May, and Dr Hudson tells me that i have the BONE DENSITY of a 20 year old...I need the body of a 20 year old, but i was pleased with that...she said was the good genes..must have been from my Dad, he fell several times when he was in the home, and never broke a bone... check out this web site... it is World wide knit in public day across the world on June 14th... our guild decided that we would sponsor it here, we have made arrangement to have it at the Bailey House, a 100 year old heritage home here in Merritt.... lovely old home, with a beautiful garden...

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