Saturday, May 24, 2008

almost another week as gone by

Just where does the time fly... things have been hectic around here... Larry has been cleaning up the yard, it has been over a year since he broke his leg and smashed his ankle.. so very little yard work has been done... looks good now... he even clean off the deck of the shop... and put things away... but lucky for him he didn't touch my carder, which he put a motor on this winter...he was feeling guilty i think... of course i haven't had time to use it yet...better do it soon...use it that is... sheep shearer should be here soon, he will probably come the couple of days i am down at Fenn Lodge with the girls from the island..or the weekend i am at the Agility trial on the weekend... off to Kamloops on Tuesday for a Dr's appt and then the guild meeting on Wednesday... hope Caroline will be there as we were going to take her out for her 65th birthday, but she hasn't been able to come as her hubby has been ill, and they needed to go to DR's appt...65 is pretty special so we will take her out for lunch one day soon... Annie had to wait over a month before we could take her out...we only celebrate the special birthdays..we usually have one big party a year to celebrate birthdays..we exchange gifts, have a cake and a pot luck... Well i had better go and do chores, we are having 4 friends over for cards to nite... homegrown chicken done on the Bar B que, potato salad, spinach salad, deviled eggs and raw veggies and dip...and then strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert...sounds like i am pushing summer, but it has to get here soon... the Lilacs are just beautiful this year, and some of the old fruit trees are just covered in blossoms...i even had some blossoms on my peach tree, never had any peaches.. but a few blossoms... been spinning some lovely royal purple from Andrea... i love the woolee winder, one bobbin holds 100 grams with room to spare..might have to get another 100 grams...not sure what shawl i will make, but must decide real soon.............. hugs

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