Monday, May 19, 2008

my goodness where has the time gone

I just can't believe that it has been over 10 days since i last wrote... it is Larry's fault... he kept coming home from Occupational therapy last week... left Monday am, came home Tuesday, Wednesday and had to go back on Thursday for a 15 minutes final assessment... and now he is home for good...I have been going to the pool 3 times a week...M W and Fridays.. i headed into town for my Friday half way to town and remember i left my bathing suit and bag at home... when he wasn't home, i would drop the bag in front of the door, but with him home that didn't work... so i walked away with out it... see it was his fault... .. I got Jackson a hair cut last week too... poor boy it was just too cold ... we were home half an hour and he was pounding on the front door cuz he was COLD.... i found an old sweat shirt of L and cut off some of the arms and put it on him...and when he left the house, i figured it would only be on him for a couple of minutes, but when i went out to do chores and feed the dogs, he still had it on... he kept it on all nite, much to my surprise... i did take it off for a couple of hours, and then put it back on... he wore it for a couple of days, but when the last time i took it off..(he would come and rub against my legs) he won't come back to me to get it back on....guess he didn't need it on any more...
We added another dog to the herd this week... oldest son and wife are off for a vacation and i needed Jesse to do some agility training, so she is here for their holiday.....she was just worn out on Saturday, they all played so hard..she won't even follow me to do chores..they are just too funny when they play... Dixie is on the bottom, Jackson is laying on her, and Jesse is chewing on Dixie too..
weather has cooled off today... i have been working on my veggie boxes.. got two done..will try to get one done a day... planted green onions, radishes, and swiss chard yesterday... am soaking corn to plant tomorrow.. will cut up spuds today to plant tomorrow... the beds were so dry i had to water them to get the weeds out... we are having friends over for cards on also have to clean house... back porch done today... am working on living desk looks like a bomb went off there.... this is Jackson with his sweater on...

here is Jackson, with out sweater, Jesse, and dixie on the bottom..

this is my Japanese flowering plum... weeks late in blooming but oh so pretty..

here is a close up of the flowering plum, after i took it i found there was a big smudge on the camera lens...

Desert Mesa retreat is almost full... 4 weeks...still haven't heard about the date for the spring retreat yet...we are trying for a different day as Williams Lake have their spin in on the same weekend... we are really trying, but might not be able to change... better go and finish my chores.... hugs

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