Tuesday, June 24, 2008

count down to OLDS

Only two more sleeps before i leave for Olds..i have waffled between going on Thursday or Friday..but think i will leave on Thursday to miss the huge traffic rush, the cost of the extra night in the condo is only 45 bucks, so i think i will do that and then explore the campus on Friday.. see where i am going to take the course, I need to know what and where to go in advance.
The good son came up for the weekend, he loves the lambs.. especially the tiny one..looks even smaller in Matt's big hands. He stayed over nite and left after supper on Sunday... he was suppose to call me when he got home, but forgot...worries me half to death, i am always afraid he has had an accident on the way home...
this is Haystack... she looks like a little hay stack with all the hay stuck in her fleece...looks funny now with no coat.. Larry figures she looks like a bug with those HORNS

this is Jackson, rolling around on the grass with his huge mouth open...won't want him to close that mouth on me...

Jesse and i had a good day at Agility today.. Maureen is making the courses harder every week, but we did good, we do the whole course, and then break it down into sections, and then run it a final time, boy what a difference, we did the final run with absolutely no mistakes... that means we are getting better. I am home from Olds on the 2nd of July and then off to another one day trial July 12th..one day trials are good... 4 different runs... I will write when i get home... see ya probably a couple 100 bucks lighter.... S

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