Thursday, June 19, 2008

REALLY, REALLY big oophs

Yup we had a really big oophs around here last Friday... went out to do the chores in the early morning and found these two little darlings... little purebred Shetland lambs... and there wasn't suppose to be a ram in that pen..
I had separated the Shetland ewes from the other sheep and the ram in September... so technically there shouldn't be any babies... now you are wondering why i didn't notice that the ewe was bred, when she looked like this just before she lambed, but you must remember that i wasn't home

when they were sheared..actually this picture is of another ewe who lambed on you are wondering how they got bred..well i had two wethers (neutered rams) or so i thought... after i found the lambs, i did some checking, and although i am positive that i banded both of them, one had a testicle..and i guess it was enough... so now i have 5 lambs, and 3 more ewes also bred and getting ready to lamb...double damn.. the other older ewe had a nice set of twins, girl and boy, and the 2nd one had the tiniest little boy you have ever seen... i will take a picture of him...guess the "lord" must have got even with me for not being concerned with Larry having to help with the shearing . Now what am i going to do with these little darlings... guess will have to find homes for them over the next couple of months, or plan on having them butchered in the Spring...they take much longer to finish. Oh well, guess that is life.. Get ready to go to Olds next week...will be gone about a week.. leaving here on Thursday, doing the convoy bit with Andrea, and Hanlo, who is coming along to help Andrea. I am taking 3 course, "spinning for strips", Fibre blending, and a two day Silk spinning course. Was able to get into a Condo the last couple of days, staying with 3 ladies that i have never met, that should be fun. I like meeting new people, and hopefully we will get along.

Our WWKIP day was lovely, didn't have many knitters show up, about 4 or 5, but it was a beautiful day, and we had a nice get together. Lita and Joe Mijo are back for 10 days or so, first time they have back at the lake since Joe broke his neck and back last June. He is doing fine, and was glad to be back, i think Lita was too.

this is Bev, Lita and Jean under the huge Elm, with Bailie House (heritage house) in the back ground.
this is Kay and Mrs Hassel, very old friend who knits constantly, Mrs Hassel knit a pair of slippers in the 2 hours she spent with us.
this is Andrea and Annie enjoying the sunshine
Sheila S and Bernice concentrating on their projects. It was so nice we decided that we will met there again, just to enjoy the beautiful yard. It is Bailie House's 100th Birthday this summer, they are having several open houses over the summer and have invited us to help them share the day, so we jumped at the chance, the first one is 5th of July, i will just be home from Olds, but will be there with Bells on..better go do the chores and get ready to spend the day in town, and then start getting ready to leave for Olds... talk to ya soon........... S

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