Monday, June 9, 2008

a whole week of birthday fun

Hi... i know i have been absent this last week, but have been just too busy, went down to FENN Lodge in Harrison Mills on Monday, met Toni, Melody and Isabel @ Diane Brady's. We had a great time, i really needed to get away, and what a better time than to spend it with my spinner sisters. Monday nite supper, Isabel made a great East African Stew with noodles,it was de lish.. It poured all day Tuesday, we never stuck our noses out the door...I made supper that night, homegrown chicken (2) stuffed full of rosemary, thyme and a whole bulb of garlic in each one, drizzled with olive oil and real BUTTER cooked on a bed of little spuds.. took longer to cook than we planned, we also had my cheater Caesars salad... romaine lettuce, and tons of garlic mixed with mayo and a bit of lemon juice, with croutons and asiago cheese, i used 3 heads of lettuce and there was nothing left... only enough chicken left to make soup for lunch the next day..we celebrated my birthday after supper that nite, Toni gave me some lovely teal coloured silk,with orders to make myself something, and Isabel gave me 200 grams of merino/silk, and Diane gave me a home made pin cushion.. and we had a Black Forest Cake that was too die for..I came home on Wednesday as i had to head out for the agility trial on Friday afternoon. We left Merritt at noon, and got to Kamloops and unloaded by 3, trial didn't start till Saturday 8 am, i know way too early. We didn't qualify in anything, but we had some really nice clean runs,(No mistakes), but our time was slow... Jesse doesn't care too much for the tetter totter , so we plan on working on that part of our run...we had another birthday party on Saturday nite, my agility partner made me a Healthy Carrot cake, and she gave me a necklace made with some Hawaiian sea shells, and my instructor gave a me some fancy candles for around the tub..and all of them signed a card for me... what a great way to spend a birthday, with friends doing just what i wanted to do...I phoned Larry on Sunday morning, we are not much for talking to each other 20 times a day, we have been married 40 years and we don't need to be in each others pocket anymore..anyway, I asked him what he was doing, and he said..."GETTING READY FOR THE SHEEP SHEARER"...oh damn..he wasn't suppose to come till next week... the shearer had been in town in April, but i had hurt my knee and it just won't work...but then it was a good thing as the spring has been so very cold, they needed their coats... so anyway after we left on Friday and L got home there was a message from the neighbour saying the shearer would be there Saturday at noon, well by 4 pm the shearer phoned and he said he would be there early am Sunday...well there was nothing i could do about it, as i wasn't going home.. so i apologized, and he said that he could do it, and that it was my birthday present... so i told him i loved him, hung up, and felt guilty for all of 2 seconds and then forgot all about him... Saturday, the weather had been very cool, short pants came out about 3 pm, and back into long pants by 6, Sunday morning, everyone was in short pants and we had a lovely sunny day, i even got a bit of a burn..but by 4 the winter coats were out... and of course, i did the last run of the whole trial... and there was no one to cheer us one... so the ones who were there working, cheered us on.. and we missed that one by one little mistake, handler error... but our time was great on that one..

this is Jesse my agility canine partner...our little rat dog... i think we do really well together as i only have her two hours a week for our class..she just loves it so much...

This is Diane's little Jack Russel, Tidy... she used to have two... Neat and Tidy..she is getting old and loves the sofa... don't ya love the face...

this is Fenn Lodge... hope it turns out as it is a little dark.. it is a 100 year old hunting lodge that Diane and her partner fixed is on 60 acres..if you ever get a chance, check it out... they have got it up for sale, so they might not be there long... better go and see what L is doing out side... he seems to enjoy his retirement... he was dug around all the plants and has given them all a big shot of sheep do do... and has made 15 trips to the dump with all the junk that we have accumulated..will take some pictures of the critters with out their coats... hugs... S

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spinquilt said...

Sounds like you had a great time at Fenn lodge. I should go out and have a look at the place. It isn't that far but I have never been there. OH yes I wrote on my blog. I will try to do better but no promises.
Hugs Karen