Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another agility day

Hi... well Jesse and I were off to another Agility Day in Kelowna yesterday, we had to be there by 7 or quarter past, so i stayed at my Agility partner's place, half an hour closer, we were up at 5, her hubby made us breakfast,which i found really hard to get down, that is just too early to eat..but what do ya say....but thanks...we had a good drive over, funny how time flies when you have someone to chat too...Denise and Pip and Jesse and I were running in a team competition, one handler and dog run 10 obstacles, and when they got back into their home spot, the second handler takes off with her dog... the first one, we screwed up, and so did Denise and Pip, but the second one, we all ran clean, and within the time allowed, so we Qualified... running teams is tough as one dog always seems to screw up... so now we move on to the Advanced level...which is harder... but we will keep working on it.... then we ran the Starters Jumpers course, and Jesse just flew thru it with no mistakes and no time faults, so we Qualified again, so then i had to move on right then and there, so her second run was an Advanced Jumpers, and she did really well, only made one mistake and of course it was my fault...but we had a really good day, but it was pretty hot, i had bought a couple of spray bottles with little electric (battery) operated fan on it, boy did they work good, all our group was using them, it sure helped in that hot hot sun, we did have a shade tent, and that really helped too, but the water was really helpful..i sprayed Jesse down just before we ran and that helped her stay cool...we didn't get out of there until almost 7 pm... and i was so tired, didn't sleep well at Denises, got home at 9 talked to Larry for half an hour, had a shower and headed to bed, with Jesse at my feet..and then i have fallen alseep 3 times today...and am still tired, i had planned on working on the garden today, but just didn't have the energy...
I have started working on a birthday shawl, i love the pattern, but am fighting with it... i even emailed the author, and it seems that i am not moving over my stitch will try again... the colour is Andrea's Royal Purple, and it really nice....Guild is meeting on Wednesday up at Andrea's, she wants to do some dyeing and so does some of the guild, i would like to, but i haven't gotten enough spun up of my Merino, only one more 100 gram bag and then i have to really think about what i am going to do with it...i have several shawl to make for next year, and might use it for that, but i love it, so might make something for me... well i had better go do something.... talk to ya soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sheila. I hav heard there is some great agility in Merritt.I am from Kamloops and would be interested in joing a group there. I have a 3 year old Border Collie who loves doing agility. Do you know of any groups out your way? Please let me know. My email address is and my name is Kerri. Thanks very much!

Kerri :)