Monday, July 14, 2008

lovely summer day

What a great day, about 80 degrees all day, with a light wind..a perfect summer day...just enough sun, then a few clouds to cool things off. Nothing to exciting around here today, did a load or two of laundry, and mention again to the Dear Hubby that i would like a cloths line, to save on energy, there is nothing i love better than the smell of clothes hung outside. I will keep mentioning it, and maybe by next spring i will have one... Larry was working on his loader today, making a thingy to help get the stumps out of the ground... we have a few bug killed trees and we want to get them down...then the thingy he is fixing it again.. we are lucky the pines in the yard seem to be okay, hopefully because we water the lawn a lot, we have unlimited water, 60 gallons a minute..we run the big sprinkler on the front field all day and nite.. the sheep sure like the front field these days, had a neighbour plow and seed it, and it looks great... we lose the lambs in the long grass.. we put the sheep down into the front field in the morning and then bring them back up at supper time..when we started a week or so ago, one of the wethers would not go with the herd, and came back up to the dry pen, finally decided to go on Saturday, now he leads the pack down. Jesse is still here, Joe was working and Kelly went to Lethbridge for a wedding with her mom, and we have agility tomorrow, so i will return her after class tomorrow, she decided that she likes to sleep with us, i don't care for her sleeping in bed, but old soft touch Larry loves to have her there..she wasn't feeling to well today, didn't even want to go and play with Jackson and Dixie..i would put her out and 2 minutes later she was yapping to come in... it will be quiet with her gone, the bird will like it better as he isn't allowed out when there are any dogs in the friend never worried about her dogs and her African Grey, and they had a major trama there a couple of months ago, the pup and the bird love bananas, and Kirby the bird had a piece of banana and the dog grabbed the bird and the banana and separated the bird's bottom beak from his jaw bone, the vet wired it back on, it is a little crooked, but he is fine, eating and talking up a storm... we have never had the bird loose with a dog in the house..i am glad that we have always made it a rule
this is a columbine that has taken over my shaded flower bed, a huge mass of flowers in there..
this is Jesse coming thru the tunnel, don't ya love the smile on her face, the next one is her coming over the dog walk, that is 12 feet up, 12 feet across and 12 feet back down, and is 5 feet high...

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